Stitch Head The Pirates Eye Review (Reading Challenge)

  • I was given a reading challenge I had to finish Stitch head in 2 Weeks. This is my review:

My question’s were:

Why Did Stitch Head help the proffeser?

Is Stitch Head a Pirate?

I rate the Book 3 stars because it was quite boring but the book was interesting. The book is when Stitch Head is free from his trap and now he can start a new life but inbetween the book the Proffeser get’s kidnapped by pirates so his journey is to take the proffeser back home. He works with the Monster, Areballa and Pox. My age rating for this book is 7+ because it ha some sentimental scenes.I hope you will read the book.

Dragon Academy

Chapter 1: Of to Dragon Academy

One day on Raven’s birthday she had to go to a different collage.

” Mum do I have to go I mean I got kicked out of the last 20. ” complained Raven

Yes dear you have to go and you love dragons and its a chance for you to get one. ” said Raven’s mum

” Ok mum Ok “

When she got to her purple car it was very quiet, and she didn’t turn on music. But then there was a…….. CRASH!!!! Raven jumped out of her car. But to her surprise it wasn’t a tree she crashed into….. it…..was….a…..FORCEFILLED!!!

Chapter 2: The surprise

But just then Raven’s nerves settled. But just then,

” SURPRISE!!!! ” Shouted everyone


Just then her nerves began to tingle again. Till two people walked up to her.

” Hi I’m Molly and I will be your guide. “

Then the other girl started.

” Hey newbie I’m Nadia.  Wanna hang out, and join my group? ”

” Umm… thanks but no thanks. ” said Raven in a polite way .

” You are going to pay for saying no to me. ” whispered Nadia

Chapter 3: Pay-back

The next day in chemistry class Raven asked to go to the toilet, and Nadia followed her. Nadia ran so fast she was faster than the Flash, when she caught Raven she said,

” Its time. “

” Please don’t hart me….I-I’m sorry for saying no to you. “

But it was to late……SNIP.

” Ha ha ha I sniped of some of your hair. “

” Its just hair it will grow back. ”

Chapter 4: The plan

After dragon defence class Raven went to her room, the only reason she did is to cry until (knock knock knock)

” Go away Molly I want to be alone. ” said Raven

” I will take that as a friendly yes. ”

So she came in. After Molly left Raven had a great idea.

” That’s it! When its 09:20 I will sneak out to my house then set of to get my own dragon.”

But what Raven didn’t know was that Nadia and Molly were watching.

Narrator: Shortest chapter yet.




What do you think of Narnia so far?

In my opinion I think that it is an adventurous and fun story to read. Especially because it takes time for each child to go in the wardrobe,first Lucy goes in, then Edmund goes in and before you know it all of them are in Narnia. That is the reason I think Narnia is a good story to read.

What is your opinion on Narnia?

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Tragic Tsunami

Chapter 1: “Whooooosh”sang the summer breeze as the citizens of Asia set themselves free to go to the Ocean Breeze Beach in Dubai. There was one boy and a girl who loved the beach. Suddenly waves grew up in the distance! It was only then they noticed it was a TSUNAMI…


Comment for more chapters of TragiTsunami

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What do you do on the weekends?

On the weekend, every Saturday me and my family go to Loyd Park to play football. It is very fun especially when my me cousins Ruben and Chiza come along with their dads. We go there do do football to get energy and to exersize. When we are all warmed up we start playing a big match altogether, and I play goal-keeper but sometimes I play as a player. That is why it is very very funny.

What do you do on you weekends?

My homework on my own movie

So this movie is going to be like a girl surviving a life but in reverse like starting of being old day by day you would not need glasses and you will not need any of the things that old people use.

Then get a job get married after a few months con graduate UNIVERSITY then you go to study a lot and you work very hard and on all of your tests you get 100 percent then you con graduate COLLEGE.

Then your ready to be a job staff rather than manager then finish all schools like high school then on your job you would become a set assistant to help the you would end up celebrating your first birthday and bye to walking and talking and working and hello to crawling babbling playing and the last part of the film the announcement is made it is an girl

The girl in the story name is Emma she starts of to be 90 years old
I will do another blog to tell you the story and reveal the other characters

Some Tips for Mini Authors

Authors always struggle to find out which idea they want to do and how they need to do it. Well here are some tips on how to write stories first I pick the topic of what I want to write about. I have lots of experience of how to write stories because I wrote 6 stories which are GR8 Swimming Pool, Time Change, Gaming Portal, The Palace, Brothers and the Mystery. Genres:







Remember to add:


Check The spellings

Describe Characters

I hope when you write your next story you will use these tips


The Worst Birthday Ever! 😦😦

WARNING: This story has spoilers for the Batman v Superman Movie

Chapter 1


Jack had the most best idea for his birthday he is going to turn 16 so his ideas was to watch Batman v Superman and then to go to Paris for 1 Month so first he went to the cinema and watched it he was so sad because He hates Batman but Batman wins and superman dies. He was exited to go to Paris because since he was 4 he taste a type of bread that he ate 11 years ago. They were all packed to go but in a last minute change they had to go on a boat because the plane got delayed for 7 hours and the time was 5:00a.m. Soon as they were on the boat they sat down and Jack was opening his Samsung 7 edge which was given for his birthday. As soon as he set it up he went to open the Wifi it was not coming. It was a Nonwifi boat so they had to sit down and read a book. He was having a good time reading the book he almost finished it but CRASH!!! There was a noise.

Chapter 2


The boat was sinking they all got there safety boat and swam away they got to a small island and they were all complaining because they did not go to Paris. Jack moved the boat to the island and he finished reading his book. He looked around and he spotted a  animal it had a small head but it came up and up it was a whale shark! Write your own ending for what might happen below!

100 word challenge/Enemies

one day  a little girl named Anna had wrote a book a story she was just 12 and also very smart with high standers English.She goes old palace with very rich young and proud parents and also had a pack of friends just below her but Anna had an enemy that had a painful spot that just grew and grew Anna did not know it was her but Anna just got better one day Anna finally was aware of Yana Anna told the adult yana was excluded so no one dared to do a thing like that again or excluded.

A Review Of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever is a very funny book mostly because of the humour and all the comedy. It is when Greg vandalise’s the school and he is a suspect. Meanwhile, Snow is higher than half of the door. He is stuck inside and to top the bad thing’s the police left a note on the door saying the police will come back later because he was not at home. I recommend it to 9-14 year old because it does have some mild bad language like name calling. My rating out of 10 is 10 because it is very funny and I am very eagered to read it. It is a book you keep on reading and you cannot put it down. I hope this Review has made you to read the book. 

By: Shivraj