It all makes sense now

Narrator : One day Rae Claire and Tamera  were going to there new University (Cambridge) and they went on a train there stop was were the train terminates. They were going to be on the train for at least a hour but that’s what they thought , they didn’t know the conductor at all but it said now get of Claire , Tamera  and Rae , at that time they didn’t notice but Tamera was suspicious they came out the train they w they were in the middle of a desert . Tamera : I new it my friend Alice Andrews was correct. Rae and Claire together : Alice Andrew. Tamera : Yes this is her story.

It was a misty and cold night that night when Alice Andrews was strolling in the park with her friends Harry and Adam .Just then Alice heard a scream she and Adam turned back Harry was no longer there … Then they heard a fading voice saying run for your life if you want to live run. Alice ran as fast as she could she said to Adam ”Come on catch up Adam’ ‘she said  panting but then she looked back and she didn’t see a thing . She continued running when eventually she bumped in to an old woman the old woman said ” watch were your going  for this I will cast a spell on an now every where you go a natural disaster will happen and you will regret this for the rest of your life” she said cackling this was really frightening to Alice since she is only in year four so she told her family and of course her parents thought it was a nightmare so they sent her to bed what they didn’t know that was a huge mistake  It was now the next  day and  she had completely forgotten about the evil witch , but as soon she went outside of her house in the USA America to be precise an earth quake struck so she and her family went inside for shelter just then it stopped  Alice was very quickly in confusion by that time her parents had already gone out to check if every thing was safe it was so they called Alice to come out side and as soon as she stepped out of the door and touched the ground. it had started again . So again she went in and it stopped Alice thought to herself what if the witch really did cast a spell on me at the same time she thought if she could ever go out her house again. It had been about three years without Alice leaving the house and the parents were growing old and getting older every day and one day they came home with devastating news they put Alice in an adoption center were she will be staying there till someone came to adopted her .So it had been a week ore two in the adoption center and the days went by fast but still no one came to adopted Alice she was going sadder and sadder every day ,just when Alice lost hope a very well dressed lady with stashes of money in her bag came to adopted someone Alice was jealous of who ever that was until she found out that it had been her, Alice was overjoyed but she couldn’t understand what she was saying all she heard was bonjour monsieur genre it didn’t make  scene to Alice at all at first. But she new bonjour so Alice and guessed longer had guessed French she was overjoyed at this point as happy as ever but then a when she went out side the  tornado comes crashing down but of course it follows Alice and no one else the rich french lady ran as  fast as she could. At this point Alice lost hope she found a little den to stay in she started crying she turned around and saw the wicked witch of the west  the one that  cursed her she screamed in surprise.Now the Witch felt sorry for cursing Alice so the witch told  Alice that the only way to reverse the spell is to go to crystle lake and find the Dragon stone in the hunting cave by the next blue  moon . Alice had now calmed down  that was until she remembered that that night after that night would be a blue moon .The wicked witch the west didn’t actually feel sorry for Alice she  sent Alice to the Crystal lake to reverse the lake she sent her to the lake to make the spell worse  she did send her to reverse a kindness spell .The witch followed her to to make sure she  got cursed even worse then the witch had already cursed her. Alice was her way there when she saw her parents there ecsept she saw them in a portal her and her family were royalty they were wearing gowns and suits she was ready to go in when she saw something she wasn’t there she was not there ,a fading voice said this is your future just then Alice woke up breathing heavily ” it was all a dream she said seconds before she saw she was in the middle of a desert…………

I am surprised I have never told you about her have I told you about the girl I met a girl called Skyler Ross so basically Sky was packing for her trip to America she wasn’t exited even though she’s home schooled she still had friends she does have a sister Cameron  but she’s in college Skyler’s only in year 4 she was finally finished packing she had to learn Spanish in a week any way that’s what she thought any way Skyler heard a knock on her room door it was Ann “Darling my interview has been moved to tomorrow so wait what are you doing with an a Spanish book” “I am learning Spanish for America why aren’t you holding a Spanish book and your holding an English book there’s no time to be reading and” This isn’t a book” Then what is it”Ok it is a book a dictionary an English dictionary ” Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that makes sense now or how English people say ellow ellow matey how ya doing ta day were are my tea and crumpets my mate “English people don’t speak like that plus your auntie and dad is from England ” “Oh yeah”Sky; Are we nearly there yet Ann; No Sky; ok………How about now Ann; No Frank; Leave your mother alone Sky; Fine…… about n Frank; No Sky; I’m bored can we play a game wait am I air sick Frank; Your not air sick we’ve been on this plane for 11 hours and you haven’t slept for all this time wait that’s an idea please sleep please please I beg you Sky ;Ok …………………………………………………….Na any way daddy daddy daddy daddy daddy daddy daddy daddy daddy ddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddddddddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Frank; what what is it has to be ergant if it’s knot I wont be happy. Sky; Why are we going down and why are people shouting I am going to die today why me wwwhhhyyy mmmmeeee were going down ready to jump . Frank;We have to leave now The pilot; Escort the plane para shoots are in the corner Frank; come on go with me Sky on the count of three the fire has burnt every thing in the plane but us now 1 2 you ready 3  they jumped Sky; We forgot mum she’s still on the  plane we have to go back  Frank; We can’t there is no plane anymore it’s been demolished there’s nothing left of it as well as your mum OK you just have to face it you just have to.Frank; OK were obviously not in England Pilot; were are we in Indonesia Frank; Wow this place is beautiful is this a beach now we still have our money lets go Pilot; wait is every one here  Sky; not every one my mum was on the plane and thanks to you i only have one parent thanks a lot Pilot; We had to go down number one there was a fire number two theirs been news that a tsunami was coming in and Sky; you believe the news they’ll do any thing to get you on your feet Frank; sky don’t interrupt the poor thing we were lucky enough to get on that plane with your mother Sky; well good thing were off with mum oh wait who was the one that left her on the plane again Cameron will be delighted to here this won’t she.I don’t even care anymore ok.Um what is that coming our way wait it’s a Tsunami run but by that time it was to late Sky’s dad had been washed away Sky ran until she realised she could freeze time she ran and ran and ran then unfroze time she realised she had left her father it was to late every one in Indonesia died but her but was that true everyone died but well will Sky even stay alive or will she get caught but Sky said wait if my Mum is dead and my Dad is to doesn’t that make me an orphan ………………………..


Claire : Wow I don’t believe any of that anyway did you do the homework on Freecycleing is this correct I am not sure.  Claire : Freecycle means when your donating items you no longer want/need but still are useful (i.e. working toaster, clothes, TV, Pots/Pans, star trek action figures etc., etc.,) to people who need them.
It also means you have a use for the item not just something you are going to sell.We can host an event were you can bring in unwanted items  We can do a fundraiser and Freecycle during the processThen with all the unwanted and unneeded things we give to a charity of the schools choice we already know that Recycling is processing used materials (waste) into new, useful products. This is done to reduce the use of raw materials that would have been used. Recycling also uses less energy and and great way of controlling air, water and land pollution. Effective recycling starts with household (or the place where the waste was created). In many serious countries, the authorities help households with bin bags with labels on them. Paper waste:
Paper waste items include books, newspapers, magazines, cardboard boxes and envelopes . Plastic waste  Items include plastic bags, water bottles, rubber bags and plastic wrappers.

Glass waste:
All glass products like broken bottles, beer and wine bottles can be recycled.

Aluminum waste:
Cans from soda drink, tomato, fruit cans and all other cans can be recycled. Did you know: Recycling just 1 ton of aluminum cans conserves more than 207 million Btu, the equivalent of 36 barrels of oil, or 1,665 gallons of gasoline.

When these are collected, the are sent to the recycling unit, where all the waste from each type are combined, crushed, melted and processed into new materials.

Importance and benefits of waste recycling
Recycling is beneficial in many ways including:

Recycling helps protect the environment:
This is because the recyclable waste materials would have been burned or ended up in the landfill. Pollution of the air, land, water and soil is reduced.

Recycling conserves natural resources:
Recycling more waste means that we do not depend too much on raw (natural) resources, which are already massively depleted.

Recycling saves energy:
It takes more energy to produce items with raw materials than from recycling used materials. This means we are more energy efficient and the prices of products can come down.People are employed to collect, sort and work in recycling companies. Others also get jobs with businesses that work with these recycling units. There can be a ripple of jobs in the municipality.

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10 thoughts on “It all makes sense now

  1. WWW Tamera, I liked it when you wrote it in paragraphs. I liked it when you you’se some of your friend in West Thornton Primary Academy. I liked it when you choose different colours for the paragraphs, Aswell. EBI, it could have been better if you Proof read because there might be some words that you don’t know.

  2. You’re story is very fantastic but you need to proof read. If you proof read then you will know what mistakes you have made. Remember that. Proof read. You need to do that in every piece of work you do on the post. You could of wrote a bit more.

  3. Hi Tamera ,
    I really enjoyed reading you post and I am very enthusiastic to hearing the next story you are going to write.

    But next time you must remember to use your commas, and use more paragraphs in your wring.

    Keep the good work up and use those adjective in all of your fabulous work.

    From Udochukwu

  4. WWW. I like the way you have set the story out and how you have made it really interesting to read. I thought this will be nice to read because the title said It all makes sense now. I was eagered to read it because I wanted to find out what made sense now.

    EBI: The sentences were really long so you could add some full stops. You can also split your paragraphs because it looks really long and it does not look like a story. I hope you take my information forward.


  5. Hi Tamera, You’re work was supreme! That 1,983 words was worth it. The beginning of the story was a little bit scary but I was brave. The story title made me move on. I have to say that you’re story is admirable! Keep up the great work. I wonder how long it took you to write this?!
    It would be even better if you used adjectives to describe the location. Next time try to look out for the different places you put your capital letters and full stops. Other than than that your work was excellent.
    I hope my feedback inspires you.

    From Gemar

  6. Hello Tamara
    I like that you put my name in the story. The thing I all ways like is you put lots of tags so lots of people can find it.

    I do have a wish should of put the1000words not1983.

    I hope that you are going to take this feedback

    From RAE☺

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