The Unknown Emporium 1

Chapter 1

Unknown Emporium

There is a boy called James.He had heard about the Unknown Emporium.He really wanted to get there.The Unknown Emporium is a mysterious shop which disappears every day to an other country.The Unknown Emporium is a very dangerous place.People who go there never come back and also people who had seen the shop will forget it.James want to discover the place and see what happens in it.This is weird.IN some time the Unknown Emporium appeared near James house.When he went out he stumbled into the shop.He wandered around this mysterious shop.James was suprised.

Chapter 2

World of Mythical Legends


James saw a door standing in front of him.What was it doing there?He went inside it and he landed on a hard ground.The ground hurt him.He woke up to see no wind blowing his face.He was in a box and it said he has to complete three challenges to escape.This was a little confusing,so it miraculously said to escape three challenges.Magically, the door opened leading him to a world.A world with Gods, monsters and many more.



Chapter 3

The maze of.darkness

There were yellow arrows leading to a lift.The arrows vanished as James went further away.The lift glistened far away from James,twinkling like the bright yellow stars.Once he entered it,he fainted.When he opened his eyes,he saw that he was in the Minotaur maze.







2 thoughts on “The Unknown Emporium 1

  1. WWW: You have told me a lot about the Unknown Emporium and a character called James.

    EBI: Is this what happened in the real story or is it what you think is going to happen Mathujan?

  2. Hello Mathujan

    I like your story, I also like that it like it is about the real book but you changed it a bit .

    My wish that you could of made it eye-catching and why look at Denise s.

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