Luz and the tale of Drangon city

  1. 1 .Dragon making

Once upon a time there was a boy called Luz and he likes to play dragon warriors. He made a flame dragon that has wings.The second dragon he made was a water dragon it was blue. Also he made nature dragon that is green and had a feather on its head. The last  dragon he made  is a dark dragon it had 2 heads one had red eyes the other had green.

2.Time for dragon Warriors

 One day on a Sunday Luz can’t wait to play dragon warriors. He played for 2 hours then it was lunch ,he had a jam sandwich. After that watch a movie about dragons.The time it was finished it was time to get to bed.

3.The secret passage

Once Luz got to bed he went to sleep. At midnight a flashing light came from door way .Luz whisper to himself :have you ever have any feelings your being watch. As he slowly turned he stepped on a trapdoor!!!!NNNNNNOOOO😱😱he scramed as went down into the dadarkness!!!

4.Dragon city

As he was still going down Luz he saw lots of gems ,there was flame gems,water gems,nature gems and dardragons.The time he got there he saw lots dragons.

5.Were has the secret passage gone!!!!!?????

Luz was about to go back home then he saw a epic dark dragon ,he looked at it for a minute or two then the passage was gone!! dun dun dun. Luz was sad because he didn’t know  how get home.

6.How to get home

When Luz was sad he a dragon to help. The dragon said:there is one way to the passage back we need fight the evil. I’ll call them now.

7.Time for the the fight!!

Luz got all of his gear on.Then it was time for the fight .As soon Luz saw the evil he stabed on in back. When all dragon s and Luz took down the knight s  ,they saw the most powerful one.When it had a shield on it .Luz got a sword and it went through the shlied and poked it in the heart. Then they went back to dragon city. 

8.In the morning

In the morning Luz fell out of bed .It was all a dream he said. After school Luz wrote a book about it and he share it with his family and his friends.

                          The end

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  1. I really really like your story because it is very eye-caching it is really really lovely i really like it i really do it is so so good really it is.

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